Shield Desktop s60v3 symbianOs9.x - menu aplikací

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Shield Desktop s60v3 symbianOs9.x - menu aplikací

Příspěvekod Tatinek2 » 16 říj 2011, 16:19

Shield Desktop s60v3 symbianOs9.x unsigned
Menu aplikací
popis aplikace EN:
[Spoiler][English by]: Shankru

[development by]: Huang Kuan Gen ( Ali eighty-eight ),

[Test models]: 6120c, N79 to be py-platform support, installation of required signatures, theoretical support S60v3 phones


Desktop Weather: use Sina weatherpage information, to the desktop weather forecast (first in the menu 'Get URL (uc browser to be turned off)', enter and select where you are, copy theURL in the menu → ' Enter the URL 'will automatically quit after pasting → ​​→ in the' weather the menu 'Settings' weather open') program interface operation: 2,4,6,8, move the marquee position can be selected icon (the icon row steps), move to the big upper left corner ofthe box can be moved when the big box color information bar.

Up and down buttons to select the sis program, select a virtual icon around the buttons, then press the OK button to increase the appropriate procedures and icons (back in updates restart the software on the standby screen). Support for background image replacement, program name displayswitch, boot from the start.

In the standby screen the c button toremove the specified target data storage software has done very well, leading to (increase in the program, and remove programs), can not use the same time, you needto restart the software. Er er, not much to say, the beta testing of Friends of the faithful need it, the software is not perfect. Please correct operation, it is inevitable that bug, please understand

[Note]: python must be installed in ur phone[/Spoiler]
Shield Desktop v1.1 s60v3 symbianOs9.x unsigned En by Shankru

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